Exhibit Extension for Open Refine

This is a quick tutorial on ow to use the Exhibit extension of Open Refine (download here). To learn how to install Open Refine extensions, check this page.

Before I start with the tutorial, here is a quick description of the extension from the README.md of thegithub repository:

This is an Open Refine extension that allows you to export the data along with the facets as an Exhibit 3.0 web page. This can be seen as taking a snapshot of your open refine project. You can then save it, publish it online, or share it with others without requiring Open Refine.

The exported Exhibit will contain:

  • List and numeric facets added at the moment of exporting (even facets that use more complex GREL expressions).
  • Filters applied to the data will be applied to the exported data.

I think it is cool that this extension brings two of David Huyhn‘s creations together.

Now, on to the tutorial… I am using a dataset on used cars prices containing 845 cars.


I added two facets to allow filtering by the cars makes and models. I also added a numeric facet to filter by year. Finally, to allow filtering by engine type (petrol or diesel) regardless of the capacity, I added a custom facet as shown below:


As an example, I filtered the cars to four specific models resulting on 313 matching cars.


I have the Exhibit extension installed, which can be verified by looking at the export menu (last option is Exhibit):


If I click on Exhibit I get a zipped archive containing three files: index.html, data.json, and style.css. Openning the index.html using Firefox (Note: Exhibit doesn’t work on Chrome locally) I get the following:


This can be seen as a snapshot of the Refine data that is easy to share and publish. Notice that it contains only the filtered rows and that it scontains both text and numeric facets. It also supports GREL expressions in facets fine.

I hope people find this useful. Report any issue or feature request at Github.


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